Mike Sexton Joins FairPlayUSA Advisory Board

August 9, 2011

FairPlayUSA is an organization that was established to inform policymakers as well as the public on laws regarding Internet gambling and now has added Mike Sexton, pro poker player, to its advisory board. In what is already an authenticated group of influential members, the FairPlayUSA advisory welcomes poker ambassador Sexton to join Perry Aftab, Internet safety expert; Tom Ridge, former Secretary of Homeland Security and Governor of Pennsylvania, and Greg Ramer, pro poker player.

Sexton says, “Americans should be able to play poker online in the privacy of their homes knowing that the games are safe and fair.” He continues, “FairPlayUSA is committed to ensuring a strict regulatory framework for online poker, and I am pleased to be part of its advisory board.”

Marisa McNee, executive director of FairPlayUSA, says,  ”We’re honored that Mike has agreed to join our Board of Advisors and help carry our message of the importance of bringing integrity and safety to online poker.”  McNee adds, “As FairPlayUSA grows as an organization, our message of strict regulation, child and consumer protection, and support of law enforcement will continue to resonate with key policymakers.”

One of the missions of FairPlayUSA coalition is to help policymakers and the public better understand the currently ambiguous US laws pertaining to online poker and online betting. They support Congressional action to define clearly illegal online gambling, create a strict regulatory framework for Internet poker, and provide strong law enforcement resources to prevent illegal activity. FairPlayUSA is based in Washington, D.C.


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