Merge to Temporarily Shut Doors to New US Players

June 2, 2011

After multiple online poker rooms have been forced to shut down to US players or have backed out of the US market themselves, now comes another similar story. Merge Network has decided that starting tomorrow, June 3rd, they will no longer accept new US player signups; however, they will allow existing US players to continue playing for real money, and their accounts will not be affected (nor will non-US players).

Popular Merge Network skins include Lock Poker, Carbon Poker, RPM Poker, Hero Poker, Felt Stars, GR88 Poker, Overbet Poker, Poker Nordica, PDC Poker, and Iron Duke, among others.

Merge announced the other day that they would be ending their rakeback deal on June 1st, so an influx of players registered with the network’s various skins in order to get in on the rakeback deal before it was too late. These sign ups, along with the otherwise 76% traffic increase since Black Friday, have apparently backlogged the support department, and caused problems with payment processing. Therefore, this “temporary” new US player registration break is being implemented so that they can catch up.

And it is reported that this is all temporary, and US players will be able to sign up again, but that date is unknown by Merge Network at this time.

So, since already registered players will still be able to play on Merge Network skins after June 3rd, it is advised that you
create a player account today if you don’t already have one. Click here to access Lock Poker.

Although they seemingly do have a good excuse, it is suspected by some that this is really part of Merge’s strategy to stay out of the line of fire of the US Department of Justice, at least until regulations are passed and put into effect.


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