Merge Poker Network Withdraws Services from Three US States

January 29, 2014

All US-based New Jersey and Delaware Internet poker players have reportedly been unexpectedly suspended from their online poker accounts via Merge Poker. Online messages from the network’s customer service department announced that Merge Poker would be discontinuing services to the two northeastern states, effective immediately.

Merge Poker Network is based in Australia and licensed in Curacao and has already deactivated Nevada player services, so that the network will no longer be offering US online poker services in US states that have legally regulated online poker because regulations in these states enforce hefty, multi-million dollar fines to sites that offer online poker to residents where they are not authorized to. It is for this reason alone that Merge has pulled the plug on US poker in these states, though the network doesn’t offer online poker to Kentucky, Washington, New York, Maryland, Louisiana, or Missouri residents either, nor to those players who reside in the District of Colombia.

In addition to online poker, the Merge Network also offers various casino games to online players including blackjack. These services will be suspended from these states’ players, as well. Merge, furthermore, has made no official statement to these affected players, only confirming their non-service to players who have asked about the state of their inactive accounts.

While the network has never pulled specific states from its list of US-friendly services due to the inconsistency of US laws that varies from state to state and across state to federal levels, but they have blocked French players since the country’s inception of its single-nation regulations that excludes all other countries.

Online rumors are circulating that the network will reimburse individual player accounts within three to eight weeks, but it is likely players will have to request this and see their inquiries through. The three affected states have a combined populous of around 12.5 million, which is about 3% of the nation’s population that totals 313 million people, according to 2012 census reports.

Carbon Poker is the biggest Merge Network skin, but other popular skins include PDG Poker,,, and PokerHost, among other smaller skins.


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