Mark Lipparelli Gives Insight into Online Poker Regulations

December 26, 2012

Nevada is still rolling ahead with its online poker plans, as recent comments by former Nevada Gaming Control Board chairman, Mark Lipparelli, have revealed.

He may be out of the regulations business, but Lipparelli is still a key player in the collective push for federal legalization of online poker. The former regulator was at the helm of a gaming regulatory body in the Silver State when he joined the process that resulted in the United States’ first-ever regulations for online gaming to be adopted.

He was the spokesman for the regulatory body at a US Online Gaming Law conference in 2011, whereby he unveiled the agency’s plan to start accepting licensing applications in Nevada for Internet poker operators as early as February 2012. This was an application allowance made in accord with the legislation Governor Brian Sandoval had signed that summer, calling for license holders and gaming regulators to adopt the licensing rules.

Lipparelli was a pillar of Nevada’s front position as other states now look to legalizing poker. However, a new law needs passing. The Nevada market may be open, but Lipparelli and the state now want a nationwide market, as this brings a host of benefits including the creation of liquidity.

He argued for poker legislation at Capitol Hill, saying that it is an excellent idea because “without congressional action, slot machines and roulette wheels will soon be spinning inside every computer and cellphone in America.”

This is not the first time Lipparelli has broached the federal issue. The fall of 2011 saw him testify on the possibility of intrastate online gaming during a House hearing.

Meanwhile, Lipparelli is poised to spend the first year of retirement following the step-down from the Control Board cooling off before re-entering the private sector.


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