Maltese Police authorities take over from the LGA and look into inactive poker rooms online

November 26, 2009

eurolinxIt has been reported that the Maltese police are currently investigating into various non-operational online poker rooms. These rooms are namely; BetOnBet, Eurolinx and Linx Casino. The 3 companies had shut down their operation in Malta after the mother company Linx Media Company had been liquidated.

Meanwhile, the regular players have made their complaints and negative comments about this whole situation. Many made losses when these operations shut down and the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta was contacted to investigate into this.

As highlighted in their website, the investigations of the LGA so far have been leading to many irregularities that were discovered such as; “Eurolinks Ltd is not and has never been a licensed operator with the LGA. The LGA also notifies that the sportsbooks of Alpine Malta Ltd (BetOnBet and Eurolinx) are not and were never licensed by the LGA. “

LGA stated that the Alpine Malta Ltd possessed a Class 1/4 and Class 3/4 licences for BetOnBet, but these licences were suspended a while ago. The investigations have now been moved from the LGA to the higher police authorities who will continue looking into this.


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