Lock Poker Moving Up in the Polls

May 29, 2011

Since the destabilization of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker, Lock Poker seems to be the big winner. Black Friday was nothing but black for Lock Poker, which has seen a monumental increase in US online poker traffic. It was one of the smaller online poker sites in the industry accepting US players, but it has since become one of the best options for online poker players in the US.

Despite the risk, Lock Poker has really taken the opportunity to move into a higher rank with the US market and ran with it. They do run the risk of being next on the Department of Justice’s radar, but US players had to have somewhere to go. They are hoping they won’t be in the line of fire in the future.

What makes Lock Poker different from other US-friendly online poker sites still in business is that they are enhancing their pro team, hiring new poker pros, and gearing up for a very successful World Series of Poker.

Just in the past few weeks, Lock Poker has picked up three new online poker pros, Casey “Bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek, Michael “bigguylegend22” Drummond, and Brian “PrimodialAA” Pellegrino, all of whom are quite popular in the online poker realm and the live poker world as well. Just imagine the outcome if one of these Lock Poker ProElite players makes it to the final table, or even wins a few preliminary bracelets along the way. Their reputation will shoot up even more, and they could become bigger than they ever imagined was possible. Remember what Chris Moneymaker did for PokerStars. Lock Poker could even become the number one poker site for US players before it’s all said and done with. It may even make it big before regulation happens.

Whether or not the US allows Lock Poker to stay in business following legalization is still an unknown, as is the future of online poker in general. How could Lock Poker not take advantage of such an opportunity?


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