Lock Poker Butts Heads with Malta Gaming Commission

September 6, 2011

More troubles for Lock Poker have surfaced. This time regarding the Malta Gambling Commission. Apparently Lock Poker has been displaying the Malta Gambling Commission seal of approval on their website, which is specifically for sites that are regulated and licensed in Malta. According to Malta Gambling Authorities, they have never been associated with Lock Poker, and therefore, they should not be displaying the logo anywhere on their site.

There has been no gambling license issued to Lock Poker from Malta’s gaming commission, which they have declared via a statement issued on their website. The statement explains that the LGA of Malta is notifying the public that they are in no way whatsoever affiliate with the Lock Poker online poker site, and they have not earned the Malta Gambling Commission seal of approval.

Furthermore, the LGA urges online players not to visit non-regulated or non-licensed sites that do not display the logo, for only the ones that have rightfully earned the LGA logo seal are trustworthy sites.

The LGA of Malta issues four different types of gambling licenses to online gaming sites. Three of them are for those gambling sites with operators providing software solutions to host services and player management. A category four license has nothing to do with managing players, which is what the Merge Gaming Network holds, which is affiliated with Lock Poker.

Lock Poker however is currently licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission of Canada. Other online gambling sites on the Merge Network such as Black Chip Poker, Hero Poker, and Overbet Poker all display the Malta seal and have had no objections from the Malta Gaming Commission. So the question remains, what do they have against Lock Poker specifically?

The only speculation is a rumor that it is to do with a public altercation that the Malta Gaming Commission had with Jose Girah, who is associated with Lock Poker, but again, this is only a rumor.


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