Leaf Trading Cards Introduce Poker Cards Series 2

October 10, 2011

Sports card trading industry has seen better days, but the Leaf trading card company is taking its chances with a second series of poker trading cards that feature poker pro celebrities complete with autographs.

The new series is very similar to the first series released last year. The 2011 set features around 60 poker players and multiple card types with at least one autograph on each card. The basic set has cards with photographs of poker greats like Phil Helmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and the godfather of poker, Doyle Brunson. Other players featured on their own cards include Orel Hershiser (former MLB pitcher and baseball star) and Jason Alexander (actor from the show Seinfeld).

Special cards include the “Stacked Deck” series is an autographed collection of playing cards. Each player has signed one full deck of cards. Also, the “Pocket Pair” series has two players on one card with both players’ signatures. Featured “Pocket Pair” players include Hellmuth and Johnny Chan, among other famous pairs.

The series titled “Classic Nicknames” will present 10 players who are otherwise known by their nicknames such as Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. The “Final Table Signatures” set will feature signatures on actual poker table felt.

The rarest of all the collections are nine redemption cards that are randomly inserted and actually serve as a ticket to an online poker tournament. The winner of this tourney will receive an authentic 2006 World Series of Poker bracelet. This is like the poker version of the Willy Wonka golden ticket.

All cards are individually numbered with limited autographs. There are four levels of cards available, and some cards have more copies made than others. For instance, the “Classic Nicknames” cards will have print runs of 25 or fewer.

A full set of the 2011 Leaf Poker trading cards will be more difficult to come by than you may think. A case of 12 boxes (5 cards in each box), for a total of 60 cards is only a little over $800.


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