Land-Based Casinos Positioning Themselves for Legal Online Poker

October 5, 2011

South Point Hotel Casino & Spa located in Las Vegas will launch a free Internet poker site for members of its loyalty program for casino goers this week to go live to the public on October 17. Should online poker become legal, a real money feature will be added.

Casino owner Michael Gaughan told the Associated Press that the site hopes to be a step ahead if and when federal and/or state legislature makes Internet poker operations legal in the US.

Getting a foot in the door now is key to being up and running when the time comes. When the flood gates open, South Point Casino and other Vegas giants like MGM will be prepared to take real money bets once they obtain licensing and meet other necessary steps that will allow them to operate online gambling and online poker sites via the Internet.

While lawmakers are still going back and forth on regulation proposals, it’s only a matter of time before Internet poker and other online gambling activities will become legal. These companies that are positioning themselves within the free online poker market now, are readying themselves for the move to real money poker later. Their strategy is a good one, as once US laws make online poker legal in the US, it will only be a matter of a few loose ends to make the transition to real money Internet poker; whereas, all other operations will have to start from square one.


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