Ivey vs. Ivey

April 28, 2012

Any normal divorce doesn’t make the headlines, but unfortunately for celebrities in the public eye, fans crave details, and the same is true for celebrity poker players like Phil Ivey, especially when his marriage was always so portrayed by the media as flawless.

Now as Ivey and his wife Luciaetta battle it out in a Nevada high court, arguments are set to be heard on the ongoing saga that is their divorce.

After an order filed Wednesday, Chief Justice Nancy Saitta scheduled the matter for the “next available calendar.”

The order explained, “Based on our preliminary review of the record and the briefs, we have determined that oral argument would be of assistance in resolving the issues presented by the appeal.”

Last September, Luciaetta filed a petition to have the original presiding Clark County Family Court Judge Gonzales removed from the case after she learned her husband made significant monetary donations to his political campaign.

According to that petition, “The public is entitled to know that impartiality is the rule for the judiciary,” challenging the order of Chief District Judge Jennifer Togliatti, who denied the motion to disqualify Gonzales from continuing to preside over the case.

“Further, Luciaetta is entitled to fairness and the appearance of fairness before this court and recusal is the only way that she can be sure to receive both.”

Luciaetta’s lawyer, Bruce Shapiro says, “While the scheduling of oral argument is significant, and we appreciate the opportunity to more fully explain our position to the Supreme Court, it certainly doesn’t mean that we will prevail. What it does mean is that the Supreme Court is taking a serious look at the issue, has additional questions, and we have full confidence in the court to render the appropriate decision.”

Further dates and locations of the continuing arguments have not yet been announced.


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