Ivey Still Stands

September 28, 2013

After Phil Ivey had a few rough years, he’s back and better than ever. He had a recent come up with $900K, giving him an upswing since May, though he is still down seven figures for 2013. Upon Ivey’s return to Full Tilt Poker, he changed his name to “Polarizing” and had in the past won more than $19 million on Full Tilt Poker over a five year-span, making him the biggest poker pro in the world both on and offline and even made the final table at the WSOP Main Event in 2009. With nine gold bracelets, Ivey faces a more challenging battle in court.

A London casino reportedly refused to pay Ivey the $12.1 million in winnings he was owed from last year. He was apparently betting large amounts at a baccarat game after recently admitting that due to a manufacturing defect in the deck, he was able to read the cards. Ivey stands firm that he was not cheating because he never touched the cards, and the casino allowed him to exploit the situation.


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