Ivey and Greenstein Finish Second: The Andys Have It

June 13, 2012

Even legends fall short sometimes, and second place is bitter sweet in the world of poker, especially when the tournament is a World Series of Poker event. It comes with a nice paycheck, but it must really hurt when one comes that close to a gold WSOP bracelet that he can taste it. As was the case for Phil Ivey in Event #17: PLH. He took second place to Andy Frankenberger, who took his second WSOP bracelet. Ivey, who has a total of eight WSOP bracelets, made Frankenberger work for his win, as the final heads-up drew quite a crowd, but in the end, Frankenberger took the win.

The final hand saw Frankenberger raise 300,000. Ivey called. After a A♠/5♦/4♥ flop, Ivey checked. Frankenberger then bet another 130,000, which Ivey raised and immediately Frankenberger called. Ultimately, Ivey had an open ended straight with a 7♦/6♦ in the hole, while Frankenberger held A♥/J♦ with a simple top pair. But everything changed on the River. The Turn and the River saw 5♠ and 5♣ to make the winning hand for Frankenberger and another WSOP title with a $275,559 payout.

Another close second came in Event #7: Seven Card Stud when Andy Bloch took the bracelet right out of the hands of Barry Greenstein. But it was Bloch’s turn. He’s been in the second place seat twice before just shy of a WSOP bracelet and had never won one in the 25 years he’s been participating in the WSOP. But 2012 is his year. He ended up with a straight from 10 to Ace, also known as a Broadway. Block finished with a $126,363 prize and a long awaited gold bracelet. Greenstein, who has three WSOP bracelets, cashed for $78,038.


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