Ira Rubin Denied Bail by US Magistrate Judge

June 9, 2011

Many of the online poker indictments have already gone to trial. Ira Rubin, a defendant accused of working against US government regulations is being held in custody without bail. Rumor has it that Rubin was just about to leave the country when he was arrested.

Rubin’s case has also gone to trial, and he has been denied bail by the magistrate judge. Rubin’s indictment went public back in April when the Black Friday fiasco went down, and PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker were all shut down, as 11 indictments were handed down to the sites’ founders.

Stuart Meissner, Rubin’s lawyer, mentioned that the client is prepared to remain in the US and face the charges that may land him in prison for 30 years if convicted. Meissner says it’s a waste of tax money and resources and a bad move for the US government to even bother with the war on online gambling. He suggests the war on terror to be a better cause.

Rubin and the other defendants have been charged with money laundering and bank fraud because they have all facilitated the transfer of illegal online gambling payments under false names using the US financial system since it became illegal to process online gambling related payments after the 2006 UIGEA was passed. One defendant pleaded guilty for the same charges a month ago in the same court.

The judge cited a few reasons for denying bail for Rubin including that it was a proven fact by Devlin Brown, prosecutor, that Rubin was intending to attempt to evade arrest by leaving the US with a fake passport and move to Thailand. Furthermore, the judge state that there was just too much evidence against Rubin to set him free, as he had processed thousands of dollars in online poker transactions. Rubin had access to accounts in the Philippines, Cyprus, and Panama, and it is not easy to determine the amount he actually processed illegally.


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