iPoker with some interesting changes

April 2, 2010

ipokerlogoIPoker used to be the largest poker network in the world and was close behind Full Tilt and PokerStars. Nowadays, PartyPoker is the largest network and iPoker is losing more and more. They have been pretty lazy and thought there’s no need to change. Now it seems that they realized that something has to be done. The biggest effort should be the resizable tables that will be available early April. This was something everybody complained about and iPoker just told players to be patient and it will be done “soon”. Now it seems to happen!

Another change will be made with cash game tables. “Big Stack” tables with 30 BB minimum buy-in will be available soon and that should decrease the amount of short stack players. They seemed to rule ipoker with some nitty players making the whole network less interesting for good players. That will change now!

Another change will be done in ipoker rakeback policy. Ipoker skins now have more room to create some good VIP programs and give actually rake back. That was highly forbidden within iPoker network so skins paid players under the table and that situation was out of control lately. These rakeback policy changes should make iPoker more attractive to promote again. Networks like cake, entraction and boss media have fixed rakeback % and have no problems. Entraction rakeback is 30 % and not more. They have no confusing VIP system where players have no idea how much rake they will get back.


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