Hoyt Corkins Topping “Player of the Year”

March 4, 2010

hoytcorkinsThe US poker player Hoyt Corkins is currently topping the Bluff Magazine “Player of the Year” list two months into this year. Corkins got of to a really good start in 2010. First he won the WPT Southern Poker Championships and then he finished second in the high roller event at the NAPT Venetian last week.

Winning tournaments and ending up in the money is nothing new to Hoyt Corkins who played at a final table in a side event of the 1989 WSOP. He currently holds 2 bracelets and he has 2 WPT titles under his belt.

“Player of the Year” is based on results in land based tournaments from the big international tournaments. The winners the last 3 years are Jason Mercier (2009), John Phan (2008) and Bill Edler (2007).

Below are the current standings in the 2010 Player of the Year race.

  1. Hoyt Corkins
  2. Harrison Gimbel
  3. Daniel Shak
  4. Thomas Marchese
  5. Michael Binger
  6. Tyron Crost
  7. Jon Kantor
  8. Mike McDonald
  9. Samuel Stein
  10. Michael Watson


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