Hendon Mob Severs Ties with Full Tilt Poker

September 19, 2011

The Hendon Mob has cut ties with Full Tilt Poker in a statement released yesterday. The site feels bad for players who have funds tied up in the Full Tilt Poker system, especially those who were directed to Full Tilt from the Hendon Mob website via affiliate links or because the group endorsed the once seemingly great online poker giant. The state of Full Tilt Poker saddens Hendon Mob management, who do not come out and bash Full Tilt, but rather express that they feel badly about what has happened for all parties involved.

Part of the statement explained, “We are well aware that a great deal of players including many who signed through The Hendon Mob still have money on FTP, as well as steps tickets, player points etc. going forward, and in any scenario where Full Tilt Poker resumes trading, we will as an affiliate continue to look out for the interests of our players and to try to achieve the best possible outcome regarding their funds. We do not take the loyalty of our community for granted.”

They went on to further explain that the breakaway wasn’t personal, but more of a financial decision. Because the Hendon Mob is an actual company with a fairly large staff, both full- and part-time, “who are dedicated to maintaining and improving the database, the forum and everything else that the poker community expects from our website from our website.” And the fact that they are “currently running at a substantial loss and this is not sustainable in the long term” has forced them to cut ties with Full Tilt.

They explain that by severing ties with Full Tilt, they will open the door for new opportunities. The Hendon Mob has been a strong force in driving the online poker market throughout Europe and other parts of the world with its poker database that has records of every single live tournament result since tracking live tourneys began. Other features of the Hendon Mob website include poker forums and articles.

Full Tilt Poker’s hearing with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) regarding the poker site’s suspended operating license continues today in private, many are awaiting word from of the meeting’s outcome.


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