Gus Hansen Examines His Game

August 26, 2013

The Gus “The Great Dane” Hansen is down by $3,434,150 and is heading towards surpassing the huge drop he had in 2009 of -$5,575,624. Before sliding to the negatives in the last two years, the Full Tilt pro had made millions in profit, but is now suffering a -$9,845,422 in career losses.

Gus provided insight on his online poker roller-coaster ride in a recent interview expressing his frustration with losses he has incurred, and he feels he must be missing something in his game. According to him, he was the biggest winner of Omaha Hi/Lo high-stakes games, but within the last six months he has become the biggest loser on the same Omaha Hi/Lo tables. This has left him with a lot of doubts as he feels he may be outdated, rusty, and not good enough for the game anymore.

To gain a competitive edge over his opponents, Gus has had to adjust his game play. He says he is working on centering his focus and tightened up his game. For instance, he has stopped dropping million-dollar bets on a 50-50 chance win.

“So, I wonder: what happened in the mean time?” he asks.

Gus knows he’s had a bad run, but it hasn’t been that bad. He said that irrespective of his huge losses online, he is on a balance and doing well – you lose one round and win the other. He further explained how the large swings affect his approach to the game.

The 39-year old poker pro said he sleeps better after a big win than after a big loss. He added that he is used to the big swings, saying “it’s more fun to win than to lose.” He still admitted that winning or losing is part of his job description. Great Dane fans worldwide are hoping for the best for Hansen and awaiting a comeback of mass proportions.


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