Greg Raymer’s Four-Month, Four-Win Streak

November 23, 2012

Greg Raymer has had one really amazing streak of victories, winning four  Heartland Poker Tour titles in four months. In this tournament, the Florence HPT Championship Open, he lifted the title by overcoming more than 335 players in four days. This is a reminder to the world of why he was the 2004 WSOP Main Event champion. It is a conquest that earned him a cool $106,030. Not too bad for a world master!

Before this, Raymer conquered the July HPT Mexico to bag $71,875, the Missouri HPT in September for $121,973, and the HPT Iowa in October for $72, 089. This record of wins could be called the ultimate ground work leading to his four-month amazing run.

In the final six’s table of the HPT Florence, FossilMan Greg Reymer was among the short-stacks. After eight hands however, he had pushed to the lead chip to eliminate Kenny Hicks who held A/Q to FossilMan’ A/K. This was warning enough for the remaining contenders. Postman Jason Guinn had even commented earlier that no matter what happened, he was a recreational player simply exhilarated to be around a world champion.

A jinx could not have worked better than this comment, as Jason was next to fall out of the tournament. Iverson Snuffer was next in line followed closely by Bruce Ostrander. Finally, Jacob Bazeley was all that stood between Raymer and another world title. As the game progressed, Raymer got hold of a 5.36-million chip lead over Jacob Bazeley’s 2.96 million. In a bizarre twist, both players went all-in and Raymer held an A/Q to Bezeley’s A/6, winning the table.

As expected, the end of the game was met with the poker community patting the FossilMan’s back for yet another incredible run. Greg Reymer is not just a champion but also a modest man, a quality he demonstrated by later tweeting his acknowledgment of their support. He thanked them all profusely, saying that the last five months were incredible and winning four out of six was nothing short of amazing.


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