Gaming Regulations Boost Online Poker’s Performance in Spain

November 20, 2012

For a long time, Spain has witnessed the proliferation of Internet-based gambling. All the gambling sites have operated without license from the central government. That was until May 2012 when Spain enacted the Spanish Gambling Act. Since then, the industry has been regulated, resulting in a commendable growth. As a result, Spain is now a leading market for online gaming operators.

The above Act was first enforced in June. Four months later, the government has collected an upwards of €77 million. Generally, a 25% tax is levied on revenue earned from gambling. Of the €77 million collected after the enactment of the new regulation, €27.5 million was for the month of September.

These figures are a reflection of the enormous growth registered by the online poker industry. The number of online Spanish players is on the rise. The same is true for the amounts players have placed at stake. For instance, there is a monthly growth rate of around 100,000 players for people who gamble using money. Presently, it stands at approximately 700,000 players which is around 1.5% of the Spanish population.

In June, online bets for poker alone amassed €87 million. This rose to €114 then €119 and finally €131 million for the period July to September. As a result, poker represents a 36% share of the internet gambling industry. However, sports’ gambling still leads with a 42% share. Casinos and other betting games have an 18% share of the entire stakes placed.

As a result, the Spanish poker market has become extremely lucrative. Operators of online gaming sites, poker in particular, are getting good money. For instance, PokerStars had an industry growth of 30% three months ago. Presently, they are at 70% making them a dominant force in the online Spanish poker industry. PokerStars has an upwards of 1,450 players who bet with real money. The numbers show an increase of 40% from June when the regulation was enacted.

Online poker has become a huge success and shows a huge potential for growth in Spain and worldwide. The Spanish poker story heralds the benefits an economy can enjoy as a result of regulating the gambling industry. Under such conditions, players feel safe when placing bets. Companies can make use of healthy business strategies that will bring in more players to their online games, while at the same time amassing tax revenue for needy governments.


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