Full Tilt’s Blom 100 Promo Going on Now

October 29, 2013

As part of the latest heads up challenge from a nose bleed poker pro who is looking for some new action, online poker legend Victor “Isuldur1” Blom, is putting up $100,000 of his own bankroll (not Full Tilt’s money). Now through November 4th, any players who thinks they have what it takes, can try their luck at the $1000 freeroll and vie for a chance to go heads up with Blom in the Blom 100 promo.

Any player who wins one of these Flip Freeroll tournaments will get a chance to win $1K of Blom’s own money. Taking on 10 players per day for 10 days straight with $1K at stake in each event, Blom, who thinks very highly of his skills and many would say rightfully so, says, “I’m putting up my own money for this because I like to challenge myself. It will be fun to see how many matches I win in the end. I want to win them all – that would be sick!”

To get four freeroll tickets per day, just deposit a minimum amount of $20. Other ways to win a chance to play against Blom include designated Sit & Gos, cash in a MTT, or win one of 50 tickets up for grabs each day via Twitter. Check @FullTiltPoker for more info on the Twitter competitions.

As a consolation prize, any player who does happen to make it to the table with Blom, but doesn’t win his money, will be given a ticket to the Blom 100 $5K freeroll.

Players like Blom (Dwan), who seemingly get bored with the same old swapping back and forth of pots that could pay off most of our houses, have been known to strike up these challenges searching for what it was about poker that excited them in the first place. Usually these challenges serve to benefit the challenger (or significantly hurt their bankrolls), but there seems to be nothing much for Blom to gain here, seeing that it is his own bankroll he’d be “saving” if he wins all the matches. Perhaps it’s losing his money to the average online poker player that excites him, but he made it clear that all he really wants out of this is to win for the sake of winning, which may be just what he needs.


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