Full Tilt Store Rewards to Change

January 5, 2011

Don’t miss out on your last week to participate in the Full Tilt Store Holiday Giveaway which ends on January 9th at midnight ET. Don’t let your Full Tilt Points go to waste—trade them in! Changes will be made to the Full Tilt Store starting January 10th, 2011, which will correspond with changes in the FTP system that were previously put into effect.

The Full Tilt Poker site states: “We will be updating the prices of certain items in the Full Tilt Store beginning on January 10th to correspond with the changes in the Full Tilt Points system implemented earlier this year. Merchandise such as electronics and clothing will be re-priced to more accurately reflect their value.”

One thing that will not change is the price of tournament tickets.

The Full Tilt Store Holiday Giveaway honors players who spend at least 7,500 FTPs in the Full Tilt or Black Card Stores. Those who spend between 7,500 FTPs and 14,999 FTPs will get a free Step 1 ticket along with their purchase(s). Players who trade up to 39,999 FTPs will earn a Step 2 ticket, and those who spend up to 74,999 will get a Step 3 ticket. Spend up to 139,999 and get a $50 cash bonus. Spend 140,000 FTPs or more, get a $100 bonus.

Another reason to spend your points now is that anyone who makes a purchase before January 9th will earn a seat in the $50K Holiday Giveaway Freeroll. This tourney will be held on January 16th at 2:15 p.m. ET.

Now through the 9th of January 2011 is your last chance to use the old Full Tilt Store price structure. Some of the things available in the store are Full Tilt Poker merchandise, electronics, and other great items.


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