Full Tilt Reimbursement Update from GCG

February 13, 2014

The saga continues for former Full Tilt Poker players who had their accounts seized on Black Friday almost three years ago. The Garden City Group announced some important updates regarding the Full Tilt Poker repayment process that will affect thousands of online poker players.

Players were asked to claim their accounts by visiting FullTiltPokerClaims.com by confirming their balances and whether or not they were regular players, affiliates, or pros. Then on January 25th, GCG announced that the Department of Justice had in fact approved around $82 million in Full Tilt Poker payouts that would be make to more than 30,000 players. Now after this first phase has commenced, new information has become available. However, it has been long known that some repayments would be reduced somewhat, specifically those debts collectible via the Treasury Offset Program.

The new details state that players who there has been no change in the list of players who fall into the category of receiving repayments since they were notified on January 29th. Furthermore, players who would like to receive their payment must fill out the form that was attached to the email they received within 30 days. Disputes will be handled by the Treasury Offset Program, not GCG. Only players that have confirmed their unpaid balance received the email. Players with disputes would not have received the email.

The GCG also notified about 8,400 Full Tilt Poker affiliates on January 31st, addressing the controversy surrounding how GCG separated player funds from affiliate funds within the same account. This email advised affiliates with this issue to create a petition and what to do from there with a deadline of March 2nd, for these petitions to be filed. Affiliates who did not receive this notification should contact GCG.

All that being said, Full Tilt Poker pros still do not have a clear answer on whether or not they will be reimbursed. According to the update posted by GCG, they are still under review and will be notified at a later date as to who is and who is not considered eligible to file a petition for remission. They will then have 30 days to file.


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