Full Tilt Poker’s TV Show “The Poker Lounge” Returns to the UK

May 31, 2011

Despite the fact that the one Full Tilt Poker account belonging to co-founder of the online poker site Raymond Bitar has been unfrozen by the US Department of Justice, Full Tilt Poker is still unable to make any refunds to their players. American players are just not able to access their player accounts and cash out just yet.

Full Tilt Poker recently released a statement that explained they just cannot say exactly when funds would be returned, though they assured players that they would in fact get their money back… eventually.

But there is some good news for Full Tilt Poker. They have announced details regarding the second season of their UK TV show “The Poker Lounge.” This show is similar to another popular Full Tilt Poker TV show, “Late Night Poker.” Ten episodes will air in the UK, and the show features a sit and go format, like “Late Night Poker,” but the difference is that this show has a six-person format where winner takes all. Each game features pro poker players and one qualifier. Thus, there are 10 spots up for grabs, and non-US players residing in poker-friendly areas can qualify online at the Full Tilt Poker website.

Each winning qualifying package is worth $22K. That’s $20K for the buy-in and an addition $2K for travel expenses and accommodations. The winner of the game will take home the entire $120K prize pool. Online qualifiers range from free to $640.

One-hour episodes of “The Poker Lounge” will air every week in the UK beginning July 25th and running through September 26th, not to interfere with the World Series of Poker.


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