Full Tilt Poker Pro Hansen Accuses SallyWoo of Cheating

January 7, 2014

An unidentified high-stakes player, “SallyWoo” has had an eventful first week of 2014, up more than $500K in less than 1,750 hands played out over eight sessions. SallyWoo, who now resides in Mexico since Black Friday, has been raking in the pots as an Omaha Hi/Lo (FLO8) specialist.

Like other high-stakes players and friends of SallyWoo, Kyle “KPR16” Ray and Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon, SallyWoo has joined in the recent trend of opting out of long-term tracking results. Fellow high-stakes player and Full Tilt Poker pro Gus Hansen is not the biggest fan of this new online poker movement and went head to head with SallyWoo in the chat box on Full Tilt Poker at the end of last month.

Hansen, who was the biggest loser of 2013, losing more than $8.4 million  at online poker last year, is up $155K this year, so far, playing more than 27 sessions and 4,485 hands. But following an upset after he was three-bet in a FLO8 game and a disconnect, he suggested that his friend thought SallyWoo should pay Hansen back the $4K he had put in before getting discoed. SallyWoo then made reference to a deal they had made prior should such an instance occur. At that point, Hansen started the accusations that SallyWoo was cheating via a computer program.

In the chat record, Hansen said, “the computer program right by your side – could be a slippery slope.” When SallyWoo asked Hansen if he was accusing him of cheating, he said, “nope I am not.” The two went back and forth arguing about a conversation the two had about a disconnection agreement and how many times it had been honored, as well as whether or not SallyWoo was using an O8 computer program, which he denied, stating he would request the chat records from Full Tilt to prove his innocence. Hansen insinuated that they wouldn’t likely play again:

Gus Hansen: since this was probably last time we played – I just wanna add it was funny you were so offended of me saying you have an O8 computer program – since obviously you do
SallyWoo: ohh lord gus, i dont cheat

There has been quite a stir over this in the forums and many are taking sides, though most seem to share Hansen’s opinion that SallyWoo is using a program, but think it was out of line for Hansen to accuse him of it.

One poster believes that Hansen was on tilt when this happened after losing the $4K that is just the tip of the iceberg when you look at the bigger picture—the millions of dollars Hansen has lost doing something that he’s supposed to be good at, while tarnishing the character of SallyWoo as a cheater when there’s actually no proof that he is.

SallyWoo continues to progress, though, playing against Viktor “Isildur1” Blom last Saturday and winning more than $240K off him in a 26-hand session at the $2K/$4K FLO8 tables in just over 14 minutes. He then made another almost $90K off Sankler in $500/$1K CAP NLH in less than 300 hands. Whether or not he will go up against Hansen again is unknown.

Perhaps Hansen needs to take a break and go back to the basics. Studying up on strategy and reviewing his game. Maybe some live poker will do him good because what he’s been doing for the past year is obviously not working.


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