Full Tilt Makes a Statement Regarding US Player Payouts

May 31, 2011

Full Tilt has made yet another statement directed at US players once again concerning problems with cash outs, and while it’s something, it’s not much because it still doesn’t garner players their funds.

While PokerStars has been cashing out player accounts and refunding former players located in the US, Full Tilt Poker has not been able to do the same. Consequently, a representative from Full Tilt Poker posted on the 2+2 online poker forum regarding the issues.

Part of his post stated:

We acknowledge that our lack of communication reflects poorly on us, and rightfully so. We have been too optimistic in estimating how long it would take to sort through the issues we have faced since Black Friday. And as frustrating as the delays have been for us, we recognize that it cannot compare to the frustration you have been feeling.

We further recognize that our lack of communication has led to much speculation and many unsubstantiated rumors, which have often been contradictory. With this message, we hope to clear up as much confusion as we can, while at the same time keeping in mind the constraints imposed on us as a result of the cases brought in the Southern District of New York.
More of the 2+2 thread can be read here.

Furthermore, the post assured players that the Full Tilt Poker company is not bankrupt. In fact, it said that “FTP’s worldwide business is healthy and, although we’ve had some short-term challenges, it is operating as normal.” And who can blame them for these “short-term challenges,” which are only a direct result from the Black Friday ordeal. Also, the rep explains that they are trying to raise capital in order to facilitate US players’ pay outs. At least they are being honest.


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