Full Tilt’s Early Peak Hits Plateau

November 23, 2012

Full Tilt’s awesome run has finally hit a plateau, nothing out of the ordinary as indicated by PokerScout’s report. There was an initial boost in the first week following the Deal Me In promotion. However, over the last one week, money bets have fallen from 8,000 to 6,400. PokerScout reports that an early peak subsides after a three week plateau is reached. Full Tilt has definitely hit a plateau, the numbers they are enjoying now can be expected to hold steady, with minimal variations/shifts.

Full Tilt is however not giving in that easily. There has been a sequence of aggressive moves to bring in as much traffic to the newly launched platform as possible. Former members who are yet to try the relaunched site are receiving unbelievable bonus offers in excess of what was initially advertised by the Deal Me In promotion. This was done in a bid to win them over and encourage then to return.

Full Tilt also aims to take over the market share. They aim to take players from other sites, and the effects are almost evident. The aggressive market move has contributed to a 2% decline on PokerStars, a 7% on iPoker, and a 6% on PartyPoker market share. Decline on the iPoker platform can be attributed to players from Everest leaving for other networks after the platform ditched its own software and adopted the iPoker network.

Everest, maintaining a substantial 85% of its .com members, has the strongest foothold on the French market after iPoker’s move. This puts iPoker as the third largest online poker network in France.


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