Freidman Replaces Hellmuth & Duke at

January 8, 2011

In the past, Prahlad Freidman was the victim of the super-user scandal, but it’s just that—in the past. He is now on the roster with as a sponsored pro player. It doesn’t come as a shock that UB is trying to fill in the blanks on the heels of Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke’s abrupt departure from the brand on New Year’s Eve 2010. What is in fact a surprise though is that Freidman is joining the site that scammed him.

When he once stated, “I guarantee you’ll never see me with a poker site or casino logo…I don’t know what they do behind the scenes and who they’re screwing over…The only logo I’d ever wear is some completely green cause, or some charity or No War shirt.”

Now he says, “I was happy because UB came at an angle of me having a lot of creative control and being a front-runner for the company. Whereas the other sites I’d just be like a pawn. The other sites have thousands of pros. I felt that with other sites I wouldn’t really get the forefront. I’ve always played basketball, been the point guard and always been the leader in most things that I do. I feel like I’m more of a leader than a follower so this is just a perfect fit for me.”

Despite the cheating scandal, 32-year-old Friedman, who is originally from California, has made a fairly successful poker career for himself, which includes a WSOP bracelet and well over a million dollars in career winnings.

He recently tweeted, “I said I would never sign with a poker site. Should I ever reconsider? What y’all think? I would have to get over the fact that I’m ‘selling out.’ I’m the only player in the world that hasn’t wanted a deal that I know of.”


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