First North Dakotan WSOP Bracelet Winner

June 27, 2011

Event #39 this year at the 2011 World Series of Poker was the $2,500 Pot Limit Hold ‘em/Pot Limit Omaha Mixed Championship. It was a long, grueling, three-day battle that saw 40-year-old Mitch Schock win his first WSOP bracelet, and the first ever bracelet won by a North Dakotan. He collected more than $310K for his first place win.

Three three-hour long heads up finale between Schock and Rodney Brown ended with a bang when Schock won the hand. Schock’s ship finally came in, who has been playing poker professionally since 1996. The single father has three kids ages 9 to 15. Schock not only plays poker, but he has organized quite a few tournaments in North Dakota, specifically charity tournaments for which he emcees. He’s also invested in heads-up poker machines and a bar poker league.

Schock has read more than 100 books about poker and has attended the WSOP for six years in a row now. This marks his first WSOP win, though he’s had five WSOP final table appearances and 20 WSOP cash finishes. His career WSOP earnings alone total more than $900K. Three of those final table appearances have been this year, and he’s cashed five times this year as well. He is now in the top five for WSOP Player of the Year 2011.

Schock says of winning, “This is great. There are probably like 500 people following me online back in North Dakota. I know a lot of different people in poker from many of the things I do. And so, I think I am the first player from North Dakota to win. There was a kid who is very good who came in second a few years ago, but I think I am the first. So, I am going to go back home with the gold bracelet and everyone is going to be patting me on the back—and buy me free drinks.”


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