First Intrastate Online Poker License Granted in Nevada

August 25, 2012

The first real money intrastate online poker license in Nevada has been granted to South Point Poker, LLC, owned and operated by Michael Gaughan. This is the first license of this type in the US.

South Point Poker COO Lawrence Vaughan says, “We are pretty excited to enter the online gaming world. This is an incredible step forward. It’s going to redefine gaming and what the state can do.”

And while there will be undoubtedly more license like these to follow, what makes this first one different is that South Point Poker won’t be using a third party to supply software, as it has its own proprietary platform and has received licensure from Nevada as a gambling service provider as well as an interactive gaming manufacturer.

Vaughan says, “We built this home-grown in Nevada from scratch, to the regulations,” which makes it much more well-received by critics.

South Point hopes to launch sometime in the fall, ideally in October of this year. It will be interesting to see if online poker pros who have relocated out of the country in order to make a living playing real money online poker will return to the states and set up shop in Nevada.

A play money version of South Point Poker has been up and operating for a few months now, but according to Vaughn, the software used for real money will in fact be different.

South Point will require 30 employers to run the new online poker website, update software, and ensure that no one under 21 gets on the site, as is a big requirement under Nevada regulations.

“We have to make sure you are who you say you are,” comments Vaughn. “We’ll know if the person playing is the person who is supposed to be playing.”


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