Fertitta Entertainment Lines Up Online Poker Payment Processor

January 20, 2013

The new Ultimate Poker platform by Fertitta Entertainment signed a deal this month with Central Account Management System (CAMS) to accept online payments via their future Nevada intrastate gambling site.

Ultimate Poker is one of the many online poker operators recently licensed by Nevada to offer intrastate online poker once the program is free of kinks and up and running. “From stacking chips and talking trash to pushing to the top of custom leader boards, Ultimate Gaming brings excitement every day,” says a press release from CAMS announcing the partnership between the two entities.

CAMS states that they will “provide Ultimate Gaming’s new online poker brand, Ultimate Poker, IP Geo-Location services, Mobile Geo-Location, Device Intelligence, Player Age Verification, payment connectivity, chargeback representment and tokenization through a single integration to its centralized platform.”

CAMS was approved by Nevadan authorities last year and given a Class Two gaming license so that the company can assist online poker operators in processing online gaming site payments that will adhere to the strict regulations set forth by the Nevada Gaming Commission and the licensing they’ve issued to the future intrastate online poker providers who will provide online poker services to Nevada residents.

Matthew Katz, Chief Executive for CAMS, says, “CAMS supports the creation of a safe and secure payment environment for casinos, lotteries, brands and players and helps meet or exceed regulatory and compliance requirements. Our solutions are specifically tailored for partners like Ultimate Gaming and will become increasingly critical as new United States regulatory markets continue to develop for the online gaming world.”

Chris Derossi of Ultimate Gaming believes that the partnership with CAMS will ultimately decrease the cost of internal programming, centralize day to day operating overhead, while reducing upfront and monthly expenditures from vendors by almost 30%.


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