FaceUp Gaming Provides Live Non-Gambling Poker

March 21, 2012

Game Face Gaming, Inc. announced that since Beta testing began in September of last year and a 2.0 version was released in December, the company has successfully been able to provide a unique and new Internet social gaming product, FaceUp. FaceUp Gaming is a non-wagering and legal online gaming software that provides players with the ability to see each other and speak to each other while playing. No other subscription-based gaming site can say this.

CEO of the company, Felix Elinson, says, “The Beta trials have been most informative and have provided invaluable information and feedback from the over 2,000 individuals that have signed up and are playing on the site. We are rapidly approaching the end of Beta, and have made upgrades and tweaks based on user comments and feedback. We are extremely excited with the results to date and feel that we’re just about ready to complete this phase and make the platform available to the public. A decision on release will be made in the coming days. I am also pleased to announce that the Company has filed its annual report on form 10k, a full ten days early, with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Elinson further commented, “Our goal is to maintain the thrill of online games while keeping it safe for everyone. Our social networking functionality provides the user base with the ability to grow their circle of friends beyond those they physically reach day to day. Our users sit down to play a game and more often than not leave making a connection with a stranger which is then maintained via our social network functionalities.”


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