Face-off between NBA Players after poker game

January 15, 2010

basketballA poker game on the 19th December, between NBA players Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton started off on a plane flight chartered by the NBA basketball team; Washington Wizards. This game then continued once they got back on the ground as the two players rose to very high stakes games with one of them not paying up to his debt.

The story unfolds with Gilbert Arenas facing Javaris Crittenton trying to intimidate him into paying the $25,000.00 gambling debt by threatening him with 3 guns. The Crittenton got out his own gun and even though no shots were fired, the incident grew on from there.

It also seems like the NBA team got to know about this face-of only from the New York Post Article. The NBA team is considering kicking out both reckless players as well as the current team manager Ernie Grunfeld. We will know more later on, as for now the 2 players have not even been suspended.

At the moment, Gilbert Arena is saying that he took the guns with him to the team’s locker room only because he has a new born baby at home and wanted to safeguard him.


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  1. JBM on January 16th, 2010 4:02 pm

    Arenas has been suspended the past week and a half. turn on ESPNews or something, where do u guys get your info?

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