Equity Poker Non-Profit Poker Network

March 16, 2013

Clive Archer, previously of Action Poker Network and BetOnsports, has announced a new non-profit B2B platform for online poker called the Equity Poker Network.

This network is tentatively slated for a June launch and promises a “fairer future” for operators who are still small and medium-sized, in a market that is on a fast evolution track and where skin and network battles reign as the rule instead of the exception. It will have a fixed price and operate as a non-profit collective whose controlling share will belong to the members. It will be defined by transparent accounting, as well as a “Clearing House Functionality” geared towards keeping players’ funds accessible while ascertaining the funds for covering liabilities.

Concept creator Archer says, “Equity is a non-profit cooperative which means that it will redistribute any profits it makes to the Operators on the network,” further elaborating that, “it operates on the basis of a fixed fee of $10,000 per month and this is used to pay for the operation of the network. The cooperative means that the members of the network make up the management committee which runs the network with voting power based on what volume they have of the network’s business.”

The network has already been envisioned to implement a “shark tax” that compensates member operators with the greatest contribution of revenue-producing fish.

According to Archer, there are at least five operators already committed to skins while awaiting the startup of the network. He notes that it is vital for such a concept as Equity to have initial liquidity in order to survive, as it is a non-profit operational hub:

“Obviously since it is a new network it is important that I have sufficient [operators] to all join simultaneously at launch to ensure liquidity.”

Costa Rica, which serves as home to a number of poker networks, is set to be the initial base for Equity Poker Network. EPN will be powered by software from the Swedish-owned Playsafe Holding AS; software that will provide access to such online casino games as Slots and Blackjack.


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