EPT Releases 2013/14 Schedule

May 9, 2013

With the Grand Finale of Export Poker Tour (EPT) underway in Monaco, EPT’s schedule for the 10th anniversary season has been announced. The 2013/2014 tour will be running from August to May and will kick off in Barcelona on August 28. Although some dates have been flip-flopped, the familiar spots still remain on this tour.

The EPT London for 2013 has been shifted to October, and it switches the dates with the EPT Sanremo that will run come April 2014. The Berlin event is scheduled for March and it took place in April before the 2013’s Grand Finale. Edgar Stuchly, the EPT President announced that they decided to put their focus on stability. He further reported that in the successful Season 9, they chose to host bigger and fewer events that integrated the national tours.

EPT coordinators have paid attention to feedback from players who seemed to value spending more time in playing and less time travelling. Given that the Sanremo tournament occurs shortly before April’s EPT Grand Final, players will have the entire month of April to be on the glamorous Riviera.

The new season entails €10,000/£10,000 High Roller activities at London, Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, Deauville, and Sanremo, in addition to €50,000/£50,000 events in London and Barcelona. The Grand Final and PCA will host the $25,000/€25,000 High Roller plus the Super High Roller – $100,000/€100,000. Season 10’s online satellites commence on May 15.

Although information regarding the preliminary events is yet to come out, every tour’s spot has a main event of €5,300 except for 2014 PCA’s €10,300 main event at Bahamas and Monaco’s €10,600 main event for the 2014 Grand Final.

You can watch the events as they’re streamed live at the EPTlive Webcasts through PokerStars.tv. Season 10’s airing dates are yet to come out though. After the schedule is posted, you will find it on europeanpokertour.com/tv.


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