Epic Heads-Up Battle Delivers Bracelet to Taylor Paur

June 13, 2013

As the final table of Event 18 began, it looked like this was going to be a mere walk-over for Taylor Paur. The 24-year-old California poker pro had the chip lead and the stack continued to grow when he knocked out both Ryan Austin and Kyle Cartwright in a single hand by picking up pocket aces to their pocket jacks and pocket queens.

The $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em final table was decidedly smooth sailing for Paur until he faced Smithtown, New York’s Roy Weiss. The heads-up play started with the two combatants content to spar in small pots.

In the next stage of the game play, after dinner, though, Weiss changed tactics and started open-shoving every hand. This is a rather unorthodox tactic, but it did manage to transform a match that seemed to favor Paur into a memorable bout that was wildly swingy and that saw countless double-ups, all-ins, and even a bit of emotion and frustration from Paur. He could only cross his fingers waiting for the best hands, and then pray earnestly that they held up.

At last, Paur overpowered Weiss and won $340,260 plus his first gold bracelet. It was his first win and his third career WSOP final table. Last year’s WSOP Main Event saw him make a deep run and finish in 33rd position. Weiss’ performance was also impressive, as he collected $211,794 for his first cash in his first-ever WSOP event.

The event attracted 2,071 players and generated a prize pool of $1,863,900. There was a payday of at least $1,901for the top 216 finishers. The notables who finished in the money included Phil Ivey (14th), Shannon Shorr (22nd), Men Nguyen (85th), Andy Bloch (101st), Jeremy Ausmus (139th), and Amanda Musumeci (182nd).

The results for the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Event 18 final table are as follows:

  1. Taylor Paur – $340,260
  2. Roy Weiss – $211,794
  3. Tai Nguyen – $147,220
  4. Alexander Barlow – $106,027
  5. DJ MacKinnon – $77,491
  6. Phillip Hui – $57,324
  7. Daniel Idema – $42,962
  8. Ryan Austin – $32,608
  9. Kyle Cartwright – $25,041


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