Dan Cates Up $750K for 2014

March 10, 2014

Dan “Jungleman12” Cates has been one to watch in the high-stakes online poker in the past, but he hasn’t had the best start to 2014 as his fans would have liked. From the $1.9 million owed to him by a fellow high-stakes player to the unfinished Durrr Challenge, Cates has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout his career, as all big-money online pros who have chosen this roller coaster of a profession.

At only 24 years old today, Cates began his career in 2009, and according to HighstakesDB, he’s played just under 334K hands played at online poker cash games thus far, which has netted him profits that amass to more than $8.7 million for his entire career earnings. These numbers make him one of the most successful high-stakes online poker players in the world and put him as the third biggest poker winner tracked by HighstakesDB.

Now as an established chapter in online poker high-stakes cash game history books, Cates, like other proclaimed pros, didn’t start out a superstar. He worked his way up the micro-stakes and even worked at McDonald’s for a brief time to pad his bankroll when he lost everything. His uber-aggressive play style is common in his ranks, comparable to other high-stakes greats like Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom, and over the past couple years, this style of play has worked well for him, though he’s admitted that the high-stakes life is a stressful one and not something he plans on doing for the rest of his life.

Things pretty much plateaud for Cates after Black Friday in 2011 when he reached the $7 million mark, but he’s been steadily gaining ground over the past year specifically. In just the first week of this month, he’s played about 3,600 hands for which he’s up almost half a million dollars, which has helped him recoup some of the year’s prior losses. He’s now about $750K up for the year.

As Cates awaits his Full Tilt Poker refund, he also awaits Dwan’s return to the Durrrr Challenge, for which Cates is up $1.5 million and 20K hands in to the 50K required to complete the challenge. However, it’s been three years, so it’s not likely Cates is holding his breath.


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