College Students Start Nationwide College Poker Club

October 20, 2011

Arizona State University student Chandler Bator and alumnus of the school Anthony Bucca started a web project that provides a safe and legal online venue for college students to play casino games with no risk. The project is called, “Your College Poker Club” and has been established in160 universities across the US.

After the feds turned the lights out on online poker for US players, Bator got the idea for the project after a friend of his had to drop out of college due to the cash he lost playing online poker at PokerStars.

Bator, who hopes to become the Mark Zuckerber of Internet gambling, says, “We wanted to make something that was safer for them to fulfill their need without the same type of risk involved with regular gambling sites,” he said.

The site allows the students to play in poker tourneys, casino games, and bet on sports for a fee paid upon sign up. As membership grows, there may even be monetary rewards in the future for winners.

Bator says, “We will have daily and weekly prizes, and as our membership basis grows, our prizes will be able to grow. We want to give out a $10,000 weekly seat to the World Series of Poker.”

The founding partners looked at athletic involvement when choosing what schools to admit into the program, so that ultimately school spirit would create competitive popularity as schools go head-to-head in tournaments and then see how they rank alongside each other.

“It will be fun to see how students take their school spirit and translate it into their usage of the site to try to perform better in the tournaments than students from other schools,” says Bator. All 160 sites are scheduled to be operational at the end of this month.


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