ChiliPoker Adds Social Media System

April 7, 2011

A new trend is creeping up on the online poker industry, and it just started at ChiliPoker. ChiliPoker is the first online poker club to incorporate a social media outlet into their poker client. This social media platform is called ChiliConnect and will allow online poker players to interact with each other by linking their player accounts with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The purpose being to share the results of their online poker sessions with social site comrades.

ChiliPoker players will access the program via the ChiliConnect toolbar that can be found within the software. From there, players can challenge opponents to heads up matches and online poker games or make bets. They can even sell a percentage of their action. Otherwise, players have had to set up side action on their own. Now the ChiliConnect app does that for you.

Alexandre Dreyfus, ChiliPoker founder, says, “ChiliPoker always has been close to its players through a very strong customer care team and more lately through our successful live event tour in Europe, the Deep Stack Open. By listening to them, we understood that online poker players wanted to enjoy the same experience that they could in land-based events. We decided to add this social experience online along with a ‘challenge’ system. More than ever, our motto ‘Spice up your game’ is true.”

ChiliConnect is based on four major widgets. These are called Share, Connect, Swap, and Challenge. “Share” allows you to post your results to a social media outlet. It updates cash games, tourneys, and sit and go results every 15 minutes. “Connect” allows you to track your friends’ results with a Buddy List. Keep an eye on where your fellow players are playing and what tourneys they’ve registered for.

“Challenge” establishes last-longer bets with up to six other players. The “Swap” allows players to swap a portion of their potential earnings with friends playing in the same tourney. That way they can win money without cashing. Sell up to 40% of your buy-in for no extra fee. This is popular in high-stakes action.

This new addition to the ChiliPoker experience helps bring owner Dreyfus’ vision for the company to reality. He says, “We are not the biggest poker company, but we want to be the most innovative and become the favorite alternative online room for every poker player.”


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