Chiligaming to Expand into US Free Internet Poker Market

September 29, 2011

Chiligaming, online gaming operator based out of France, has announced that they will open a new office to be located in California that will target the US poker market with a free-to-play social poker gaming network. This network will be the first of its kind, and will be backed by the completely UIGEA-compliant Chiligaming poker network.

The network will use the company’s proprietary software that comes with a wide variety of features for the social gaming community such as virtual currency, accessibility via mobile devices including Android and iPhone as well as tablets and social networking sites, and multiple language compatibility.

This is just another genius idea in the long line of ideas that hopes to plant roots for online poker in the US market should it become legal. And the question isn’t really “will online poker become legal in the US?”, but rather “when will it become legal?” at this point. Many companies like Chiligaming are trying to get in the door ahead of time, so they don’t have to waste time establishing a clientele after regulation occurs.

Director of Chiligaming Rohin Malhotra says, “This new platform is technically the most advanced on the market today. In pre-regulation USA where casino and other gaming brands are eager to legally enter the online arena, grow their online presence and seek to get a head start, Chiligaming’s turn-key solution is the perfect partner.”

Recently celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Chiligaming company has already established itself as a strong and reliable force in the industry. As part of their expansion that will move the company into the US and the Asia-Pacific region, Chiligaming will open its first US office in San Francisco sometime in the near future.

Chiligaming CEO Alexandre Dreyfus says, “The gaming market is evolving and Chiligaming is evolving with it by expanding its operation to become an active social gaming player in addition to an established online gaming operator. will be the first brand to launch on the network and we will be welcoming more partners now that all the devices for access are ready.”

The move will enhance already strong brand recognition and successful market base already established in Frane and the UK.


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