Casino robbery in France

April 7, 2010

robberJust last week, an armed robbery happened at the Le Pharaon Casino in France when a group of four masked men burst into a crowded casino. They were geared with Kalashnikov assault rifles and even fired two shots at the ceiling.

All this happened in a mere 3 minutes, by the end of which the thieves stole a hefty 28,000 euro. This was reported by the police who are investigating the casino location in the central city of Lyon. The casino also happens to be close to the Interpol headquarters which is also the international police agency.

It seems the armed men made use of an angle grinder to break into the cashiers’ area while a fifth person was waiting outside in a black BMW.

Luckily no one in the crowd was hurt but two of the security guards on attendance suffered minor injuries.a


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