Cash Machine Pays Out $100 Bills Instead of $1 Bills

January 26, 2013

A Mississippi Casino cash machine was found to be spitting out $100 bills instead of $1 bills over the weekend, and some Magnolia Bluffs Casino patrons took advantage of the accidental jackpot. The error was later found to be that the machine was wrongly loaded by a casino employee, who had inadvertently put the $100 bills into the $1 bill slot.

Before the problem was realized, a man put $5 into the machine and received $500 back. Others tried the same tactic and were delivered the same fate, until the money machine was empty of $100 bills.

But later, other casino patrons, who were trying to cash out legitimate tickets, were being given $1 bills for $100 payouts. Once the casino was notified of the problem, the local Natchez Police Department took over. Public Relations Officer Jerry Ford explains, “Instead of giving out change like $1 for change for a five [dollar bill], it would give you $100 bills. For people who were cashing a ticket in [to get] $100, they were getting a dollar.”

After watching the video surveillance footage from casino security cameras, six people were found to be involved in the incident. The casino was very fair and gave the people a timeframe to return the money, which was declared stolen. If they didn’t return the money, they would face grand larceny charges. Five people returned the money and were cleared of all charges. The sixth suspect is yet to be identified.

Ford says, “If a machine malfunctions and the money that it gives out is incorrect, that [doesn’t] give you the right to take it.”


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