Carbon Poker Pays Out Bad Beat Jackpot

November 18, 2010

After a recent bad beat jackpot payout at, another one hit at Carbon Poker, this time in the low-stakes. This dual hit is the first time in the history of Internet poker that two bad beat jackpots have been hit in the same week on two separate poker sites.

The bad beat jackpot paid out more than half a million dollars and the second at Carbon Poker paid out about $156,000—not bad for a cash game with a max buy-in of less than $100.

“dk2112” open limped into the hand that ended up in a bad beat with pocket 7s. The table was $0.05/$1 NLH. The flop fell 8/7/2. Before he had a turn to act, player “Stingray57” led out with a small bet and was then raised by another player “BlackOutBob.” Player dk2112 called, and to his delight, fourth street was another 7. He then bet $5. When a second 8 fell on the river, he went all in with his last $6.50, expecting to win the $55 pot hands down. However, to his surprise, he didn’t win the pot. Instead, BlackOutBob holding pocket 8s (giving him quad 8s) won.

But losing the hand qualified dk2112 for the Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot, which paid him a lot more than $55. Instead, he earned the $156,000+ jackpot prize. BlackOutBob was also rewarded with a nice $78,000+ payout, and all the other players in the hand split the $13,000 remaining prize money. The Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot is already back up to $100,000. Make no mistake—it is possible for it to hit again in the near future!


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