Cake Poker Network Allows the Use of Poker Tracking Software

November 11, 2011

Cake Poker has announced that they will allow HUDs on the site, or Heads-Up Displays in spite of their previous opposition to poker tracking systems. After agreeing to test the viability of software used to track online poker stats back in July, the analysis has proved that they are in fact useful and have since been reinstated on the site as of November 9th. Now the online poker tracker software system that urged Cake Poker to do the viability test, PokerTracker, and Hold ‘em Manager, also a poker tracking system, will be allowed on the network by players.

The purpose of HUDs is to provide a multitude of useful data regarding online poker players’ betting patterns and other stats. These applications are used by many players, mostly by those who play a lot of online poker to keep tabs on the competition. These systems allow players to get more info in a short amount of time, so that they can play and bet accordingly.

Some online poker sites such as Bodog have been opposed to the use of these types of software and will introduce new software that will block the use of such systems. Bodog’s argument is that they are a recreational site and do not support professional poker playing; and therefore, there is no need for poker tracking by its players. Microgaming has also fought poker tracking systems by introducing anonymous cash tables for which player tracking systems are of no use due to the fact that players are not identified.

Despite the fact that the Cake Poker Network is allowing the use of HUDs, they also allow players to change their player names once per seven days, eliminating tracking for more than one week. Players can simply change their name and prevent an accumulation of data attached to their username.


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