Cake Poker Introduces Cake Games: Cake WAR & Tourney Blackjack

November 10, 2010

Cake Poker fans will be pleased to learn that the popular online poker club is now offering Cake Games. Cake Games will first provide players with two brand new online card games, online WAR, aka “Cake WAR,” and tournament blackjack, aka Cake Tourney Blackjack.

Cake WAR is a multiplayer game inspired by the classic two-player card game, but the new version offers a twist that entices adults to play this otherwise kid-friendly game. All players begin with the same 10 cards and are forced to outguess and out think their opponents in an effort to accumulate the most cards and the most points to come out as the winner.

The game is actually quite simple, but provides players with a new strategy-based card game to engage in. Bluffing is also an inherent element of this game, as Cake WAR allows for a dynamic interaction among players. The new game is offered in two different formats: Tactic WAR and Blitz WAR. Both variations provide players with the option to participate in multi-table tourneys, sit ‘n gos, or ring games. This game is both unique and popular because it appeals to those players who enjoy a mental challenge, as well as those who thrive on competition and hunger for cash.

Cake Tourney Blackjack provides players with all of the excitement of classic casino blackjack but adds to the strategic component of the game. In this form of blackjack, there is no house advantage. Players compete against other players’ chip stacks as they draw against the dealer. The game’s object is to end up with the most chips at the tournament’s end. The number of hands you win is irrelevant; it’s the amount of chips you posses when all the rounds have completed. The innovative component here is the social aspect of the multi-player environment.

Lee Jones, Cake card room manager, says, “Cake Poker is thrilled to offer players these two exciting, fast-paced card games through Cake Games. The fun and simplicity coupled with the strategy involved in both WAR and Tourney Blackjack make the perfect complement to the intensity of online poker.”


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