BWIN not taking over

November 20, 2009

bwinlogoAn official announcement has been released following a rumour that BWIN was going to take over Austrian-based, BWIN have specifically stated that there are no acquisition talks going on at the moment. BWIN are doing very well for themselves this year with a 75 percent increase in profits over the third quarter and a record in business at 75% year-on-year (YoY) increase in third-quarter EBITDA to €16.8m, from €9.6m compared to last year.

Norbert Teufelberger, co-chief executive at BWIN commented; “We have contacts with everybody [in the industry] and common goals in that we want to operate in regulated markets. So yes, we talk to many operators and consolidation is always an option, but in this instance there has been no call to raise funds from existing shareholders with a view to acquiring 888.”

A similar announcement was made by Gigi Levy; chief executive at who dismissed the acquisition rumour saying; “We have known Bwin for a long time but there is no truth in these rumours.”


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