Boss Media Poker Rooms Fined for having winning players

December 10, 2009

pokerducksThe online poker room had to close down their operation due to the fact that they brought too many winning players to the Boss Media Network. According to new rules at the popular poker network you will now be fined if you are bringing in a high percentage of winning players to the network. It’s very likely that more poker sites on the network will get similar fines unless they start getting rid of their winning players. It has even reached the stage where some online poker rooms are closing the accounts of winning players due to the huge they are facing if they keep them as a customer.

Even though a lot of people seem to think that these fines are just a way of getting more money to the network operator that is not really the case. The fines that are collected from poker rooms referring mostly winning players will be distributed to the other rooms on the network that are referring a lot of fish (bad players) to the poker tables.

The reason why Boss Media has chosen operate this way is that they are looking for their skins to actively looking for hobby players instead of referring sharks that will take all the money from the limit number of fish at the tables.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that they are really doing this to stop the operators that refer players only by offering them under the table rakeback deals and are not contributing to the network with any new fishy players. The real winners from this new set of rules are going to be the online poker rooms that are mainly a sportsbook as these usually tend to refer a lot of fish to the virtual felt.


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  1. severin on December 11th, 2009 1:59 am

    Pokerducks was a room from the ipoker network, not boss media

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