is back in action

June 15, 2009 is finally back in action, after having given up their original domain name over two years ago. It has been reported that when Bodog lost their domain name, they ended up losing a lot of significant business. This happened during the much talked about patent suit that was then settled back in April.

Before the said domain seizure, Bodog was dominating the search rankings, and although it was not immediately known how the changeover affected them, they did end up losing most of the rankings very soon after the seizure. In time, which replaced, did manage to get some rankings back home but definitely not all of them.

Last Wednesday afternoon during the 2009 World Series of Poker, David Williams, announced proudly the official return of the site. Williams is one of Bodog’s only remaining celebrity poker professionals.

Apparently, the company did wait a few weeks after the decision to move back to the original domain but when having a look at the latest statistics, the decision was taken. In fact, Bodog Poker has fallen to the number 15 spot among all online poker rooms in the world with an average of 760 real cash players per week. Let s hope picks up and starts competing with the big fish again.


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