Bodog takes back control of

April 26, 2009

According to the reported sources close to the internet sportsbook Bodog, the legislative battle to regain control of its domain name has finally reached its end. The quarrel started back in August 2007 when Bodog lost its domain name after receiving a $48 million dollar default court ruling against them.

1st Technology were the ones to allege that Bodog’ s software infringed on the patents they had filed in the US and elsewhere in the world according to the lawsuit filed in the state of Nevada. On August 1, 2007 the representatives of Bodog failed to appear in court to answer to these allegations and a default judgment was issued against them.

Following that, Bodog was forced to pay $49 million in damages. The removal of all DNS servers associated with Bodog were also included in the judgment. For most online companies, losing its domain name on the eve of Football season would have been a final fatal blow but Bodog succeeded to launch within just 12 hours. Then they also launched the current domain few weeks after losing control over

According to sources close to the firm, the legal battle is finally over and the company has received its due full rights over A formal statement should be released this week with more details about Bodog and if they reached a settlement agreement with 1st Technology or if they regained their rights by winning the legal battle directly.


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