Bodog Says PokerTracker is Guilty of Data Theft

September 27, 2011

After an attempt by Bodog to block traffic data by hiding full poker tables from its own poker lobby, PokerScout, online poker data tracker, has reported that this move has had little to no effect on the data tracker’s abilities to keep accurate tabs on Bodog Poker traffic. Bodog has asked that their traffic data not be tracked, as they believe that each poker operator’s data belongs to that site and outside parties do not have the right to publish that data and anyone who does publish such data is guilty of data theft. PokerScout disagrees.

Bodog does not feel that it’s fair to less experienced players that more skilled poker players are able to access these types of data logs and use it as an advantage over inexperienced players. PokerScout feels that because online poker games are played in a public arena via the Internet, then the data is no one’s private property.

Because Bodog relies mainly on its sportsbook and racing leg, it’s online poker sector is merely a catch all for other types of bettors who meander from the sportsbetting page to the poker room. Bodog believes that without the public knowledge of poker tracking data, sharks won’t come to play at Bodog in hopes to prey on the fish who don’t know any better. This would ultimately mean that the sharks won’t be taking the money, and Bodog will benefit from more earnings via raked pots.

VP of the Bodog Network Jonas Odman explains it this way: “Money can only leave a poker ecosystem in two ways, through rake and withdrawals. Winning players are withdrawing players, and as a poker network, our revenue will increase the fewer withdrawing players we have.”


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