Blom Wins Another SuperStar Showdown

June 20, 2011

Despite the fact that Internet poker sensation and until earlier this year an international man of mystery, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, isn’t old enough to participate in the World Series of Poker, He’s still managed to find some action. Still sponsored by PokerStars, Blom had the chance to go head to head with Full Tilt Pro Rui Cao in the latest edition of the SuperStar Showdown.

PokerStar’s SuperStar Showdown is Blom’s opportunity to play heads up poker against some of the best poker players in the world, and this time it was Cao. According to the Showdown rules, the two participants each play four No Limit Hold ‘em tables at $50/$100 stakes simultaneously. Both begin with a $150,000 chip stack. The player who runs out of chips first, or is in the negative after 2,500 hands is declared loser.

This installment saw Blom going full force, winning a $20,000 pot and then a $40,000 pot from Cao in just the first 200 hands of poker. After the 1,000th hand, Cao was nearly bankrupt, but he managed a comeback over the following 250 hands and was able to build his bankroll back up. Blom and Cao then agreed to change it up and switch the game to Pot Limit Omaha, which would prove to be a bad decision on Cao’s part.

The Frenchman ultimately took a beating by Blom, who had him whipped in about a half hour’s time. Cao was down to one table when Blom landed trip nines on the river and took the few chips Cao had left. This marked Blom’s seventh win in the Showdown series. He’s also taken down Tony G, Daniel Negreanu, Scott Palmer, and Eugene Katchalov. He’s also loss to Negreanu, Palmer, and Isaac Haxton. Blom is doing fairly well for the year though with only a $350K deficit.

This was the first installment of SuperStar Showdown since before Black Friday when the online poker community was left devastated by the major blow to the biggest three online poker sites in the business.


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